Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

News about Flower Jane

Finally I have patched all blocks of my Flower Jane and sewn them together. One more milestone completed!  As I patched all blocks by hand applying the English paper piecing method, I have to take off all the paper now. Crazy and awful work that I don´t like at all. The quilt needs to be finished until November, therefore I will not sew all the triangles as Jane A. Stickle has done in her famous quilt, but I will use plain triangles for the borders.

Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012


This week, the selected stitch of TAST was Kretan stitch - and I never knew how creatively this stitch could be used until I tried tonight. This time, I tried some stitch combinations - all of them on the basis of Kretan stitch. And these are the results.
The complete block looks like that:
It was a block from a crazy swap and it seemed the right one to bring forward the effect of the stitch.
Picture below: On the left, I made a pattern of Kretan stitch, combined it with some kind of weaving and a detached chain stitch. On the right, another pattern combined with dross stitch, knot stitch and detaiched chain.
On the left, a third pattern and buttonhole wheels. And on the right a pattern which can be easily used to fill a complete field.


On the left a furhter pattern, combined with fly stitch and detached chain. An the yellow one pure Kretan.
And below, just a fantasy line with Kretan stitch.

I really liked this one and am looking forward to next week´s task.

Samstag, 21. Januar 2012


This week was rather difficult for me. First, I tried variations with the demanded Feather Stitch without using other stitches. The first results were disappointing: the first was not very nice and the second one not very creative.

Slowly, results became better:

And I really liked the last one, were I combined Feather stitch with other stitches.

The final block is acceptable, I think:

I wonder which will be next week´s block ...

Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012


Oh, I liked this new TAST stitch of Sharon B which was communicated yesterday in the late evening under . The challenge of the week was the Buttonhole stitch, and I was so excited to experiment with it that I finished the block of last week just with Buttonhole combination. This is the complete block:


The details come out more clearly on the following fotos:

Thanks to Sharon who organizes all this for us - this challenge is very motivating and the work of the participants is really inspiring.

Freitag, 6. Januar 2012


Just back from the winter holidays with some skiing and lots of snow I started the TAST of Sharon B.  As I have a large stock of crazy blocks to embellish I will use the TAST to decorate them. The stitch of this week was Flying stitch, one of my favorites. The pictures above show my two versions - one pure Flying stitch variation and one combination with other stitches.