Sonntag, 25. März 2012


This week´s TAST was the Barred Chain and Alternate Barred Chain. I knew the stitches, but never worked these chaines. I used both to complete my block of last week, which is now a real spring block which reflects perfectly the wonderful weather which we have this March. I had a lot of fun to experiment and work the heart, the rose bush and the seam embellishment.

 And this is how the complete block looks like:

Dienstag, 20. März 2012


Yesterday, it was my birthday and finally I had the joy to open envelopes with crazy birthday blocks. We are a group of 7 women who worked crazy blocks on a pre-defined theme for each other. My theme was Black and Colours - Patches in black, grey and white with a small colouful patch, Stitching and embroydery in strong colours.

And this is the result:

Birgit was the only one who has worked a coloured patch. I like the sunny yellow and the red chain - very warm and sunny.

Heidi offered me roses in black as well as in red. Red roses on black - what a great combination.

Heidi set the focus on that wonderful tree which she embellished with smal nots. I like also the white pigeon as a symbol of peace.

And Momo could not work on a crazy block due to a health issue. But instead she offered me this wonderful, colorful block with embellished circles.

Thank you to all of you for enlightening my birthday.

I´m still missing two blocks: one of the stitching ladies is currently sick and will send her block later. And unfortunately I don´t have any new from the last one. But as soon as the blocks arrive I will post them here.

Sonntag, 18. März 2012

TAST 11 - whipped wheel

This week, Sharon asked for variations and creation on the whipped wheel  (TAST 11)- a stitch that I really love. After my first mountain bike ride into the forest of the Rheingau region/Germany for this year my idea was to stitch my bike leaning on the flowery wall in my garden and waiting for me...

This is a real spring-block - with the rainy day in spring from a 2 weeks ago and now the sun shining on my flowers and my bike ;-)

Samstag, 10. März 2012


The stitch of the week is the running stitch (see TAST), a stitch that I never expected to be creative. But the work of the other participants on Facebook and Pintangle showed me that the possibilties of this stitch are huge and can be wonderful.

However, as I´m currently quilting my Flower Jane, I´m doing lot of running stitch ;-)
Therefore I decided to show you a selection of my quilted block and hope that this counts for the experiment on running stitch


Freitag, 2. März 2012

TAST 9 - couching

This week, Sharon asked us for couching - and this is rather unfamiliar to me.
But after a while and after admiring the work of my fellows, I started without a plan and finally finished this block: The long dark line was the first line - it is a very thick threat and I tried to trim it with a perl threat in rose.

 This was the easiest: a rest of wool which I used year ago for a pullover for my daughter.
 And here, I tried to draw the lines of the rose with perl threat.

This threat was quite difficult to couch because I didn´t want to couch the "hair" - therefore it had to be done with utmost care.