Dienstag, 20. März 2012


Yesterday, it was my birthday and finally I had the joy to open envelopes with crazy birthday blocks. We are a group of 7 women who worked crazy blocks on a pre-defined theme for each other. My theme was Black and Colours - Patches in black, grey and white with a small colouful patch, Stitching and embroydery in strong colours.

And this is the result:

Birgit was the only one who has worked a coloured patch. I like the sunny yellow and the red chain - very warm and sunny.

Heidi offered me roses in black as well as in red. Red roses on black - what a great combination.

Heidi set the focus on that wonderful tree which she embellished with smal nots. I like also the white pigeon as a symbol of peace.

And Momo could not work on a crazy block due to a health issue. But instead she offered me this wonderful, colorful block with embellished circles.

Thank you to all of you for enlightening my birthday.

I´m still missing two blocks: one of the stitching ladies is currently sick and will send her block later. And unfortunately I don´t have any new from the last one. But as soon as the blocks arrive I will post them here.

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  1. tolle Blöckchen! Mein Crazyblöckchen hätte gar nicht reingepasst - es war nur schwarz-in-schwarz gemustert und in pink-lila-Tönen bestickt ... falls es zu mir findet, schicke ich es dir auf alle Fälle!