Freitag, 2. März 2012

TAST 9 - couching

This week, Sharon asked us for couching - and this is rather unfamiliar to me.
But after a while and after admiring the work of my fellows, I started without a plan and finally finished this block: The long dark line was the first line - it is a very thick threat and I tried to trim it with a perl threat in rose.

 This was the easiest: a rest of wool which I used year ago for a pullover for my daughter.
 And here, I tried to draw the lines of the rose with perl threat.

This threat was quite difficult to couch because I didn´t want to couch the "hair" - therefore it had to be done with utmost care.


  1. It looks wonderful. I love the rose, it looks so effective.

  2. all are well done but i particularly appreciate the last one~!
    it's lovely and must have been quite fussy to do.
    nice work.